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Posted: 10/23/2018
Job Status: Full Time
Job Reference #: 2243876
Keywords: laundry, cleaning

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Description and Functions

Open Until Filled


Responsible for the tasks and duties of cleaning and care of the Law Enforcement Academy training facility.

Human Resource Contact: 307-777-7893/7130

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:  The listed functions are illustrative only and are not intended to describe every function which may be performed in the job level.

  • Clean and sanitize multiple surfaces, strip and/or prepare bedding; perform laundry duties; restock clean linens, towels, wash cloths and rags
  • Follow state, local, Leadership in Educational Facilities (APPA) and Academy procedures, product guidelines, utilize cleaning chemicals safely; handle/mix chemicals effectively for varying surfaces; read Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) sheets and wear safety equipment/clothing when mixing or handling chemicals
  • Detailed cleaning of surfaces within zones (all specified rooms); may require disassembly/assembly of equipment or tools, vent grates, dispensers, furniture, etc.
  • Inventory responsibilities; rotate inventory to ensure usage within shelf life; stock/restock closets; make decision about expendable inventory; make request or recommendations verbally or in writing for  replacement of inventory or work saving devices or equipment
  • Daily contact with internal staff (managers, supervisors, co-workers) and external customers; in direct contact with customer's person property, respecting property rights and privacy needs; report violation of Academy policy; respond to housekeeping service needs appropriately and within agency policy and procedures
  • Tasks assigned for special occasions, may include; setup, decoration and/or tear down for special Academy functions
  • Communicate with staff in facility by mailbox, e-mail and phone voice mail; must fill out computer forms, attach and transmit information, review internet for product research, contacts and internal room reservation system for updates
  • Receive updated training through internal and external methods; may research safety topics; arrange for a qualified guest to conduct safety meetings, training sessions, or personally conduct section safety meetings
  • Occasionally work with temporary employees during times of high numbers or staff shortages; may train, may provide work evaluations to supervisor(s)
  • Cross train to work in the kitchen and other duties as assigned

Duties may include the following for housekeeping:
  • Cleans the bathrooms and takes out the garbage.
  • Cleans and sanitizes floors, walls, windows and furniture.
  • Determines appropriate chemical solutions for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Changes linens on client beds.
  • Uses universal precaution processes in the cleaning and disposal of biohazard waste.
  • Identifies areas that need repair and notifies the proper person.
  • Stocks supplies and chemicals for the unit.
  • Assists in the laundry with the washing, drying and re-distributing of the residents' clothes as needed.
  • Provides safety awareness for staff and clients.
Duties may include the following for laundry:
  • Sorts and weighs laundry.
  • Loads and unloads washers and dryers.
  • Inspects wash at various stages of processing for cleanliness; recommends changes in washing and rinsing procedures.
  • Charts and logs quantities of laundry collected and processed.
  • Tests samples of water periodically to determine hardness of water and effectiveness of cleaning agents and stain removers.
  • Monitors chemical pumps system and changes out chemical containers; changes tubing to pumps as needed.
  • Folds and iron clothing.
  • Delivers clothing and linens as needed.
  • Assists housekeeping with cleaning duties.




  • Knowledge of cleaning methods and practices.
  • Knowledge of cleaning and working with many surfaces (tiles, floors, stainless steel, glass, porcelain, carpeting) that require deep cleaning on a daily basis.
  • Knowledge of APPA appearance levels and cleaning standards for educational facilities.
  • Knowledge of communicable diseases including blood borne pathogens and bio-hazards as well as the cleaning protocols utilized in the prevention of infectious diseases.
  • Knowledge of sanitary personal habits that affect the sanitary completion of tasks in housekeeping.
  • Knowledge of cleansers, supplies and equipment.
  • Knowledge of basic math.
  • Knowledge of state and facility policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of universal precautions.
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures, cleaning methods, materials and equipment.
  • Knowledge of infection control standards.
  • Skill in English, reading and writing required to comprehend the agency and State policy and procedures, instructions for chemical mixing, following safety procedures and follow schedules of multiple activities.
  • Skill in handling large loads under pressure of deadlines, with multiple projects underway.
  • Skill in communicating with internal and external customers in all types of situations, utilizing different types of communication equipment (P.A., phone, computer, e-mail, face-to-face and written correspondence).
  • Ability to be able to physically use mops, steam cleaning, and preform vacuuming.
  • Ability to stand and walk on hard surfaces for many hours.
  • Ability to be direct, yet professional when necessary in dealing with suppliers.


High School Diploma
0-6 months of progressive work experience (typically in Housekeeping)
Education & Experience Substitution:
1-2 years of progressive work experience (typically in Housekeeping)
Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

Necessary Special Requirements


  • Physical Work
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to lift heavy objects (kettles, equipment, laundry and supplies)
  • Ability to work in areas that have noise decibels at a higher than normal (ear protection provided)
  • Ability to work in temperatures that are warmer and/or cooler than comfortable
  • Ability to work around conditions of dust, dirt and various cleaning chemicals, soaps and cleaners


  • FLSA: Non-exempt
  • All new hires or rehires starting in a non-exempt position on or after January 1, 2018 are required to be paid hourly.
  • Successful applicants are required to pass a criminal background investigation.

Supplemental Information

015-Attorney General - Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy - Housekeeping

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The State of Wyoming is an Equal Opportunity Employer and actively supports the ADA and reasonably accommodates qualified applicants with disabilities.

Class Specifications are subject to change, please refer to the A & I HRD Website to ensure that you have the most recent version.